Town hall meeting revealed evident split within GOP

By Kathryn Kenny and Evan Winston

Before today's gubernatorial election, emotions ran high Thursday evening as Republicans, Democrats factional groups went head to head on topics ranging from the federal government shutdown, to gun control regulations, student loans, and international affairs.

Hampton University hosted the televised meeting where students and Hampton Roads residents put hard-hitting questions to Republican, Democratic, tea party and independent panel representatives.

The conversation ensued into debate among party lines where the lack of bipartisanship was evident as neither party could agree on almost every issue presented at the meeting. What was even more evident was the divide within the Republican Party as representatives from both the tea party and Republican Party conflicted on many ideas, Women's Rights proved to be a pressure point within the party as the representatives could not agree on differing ideas.

A student asked about women's right to contraception, which revealed the party's obvious differences.

Tea Party representative Reagan George answered, "Women's rights are a very, very small issue in America compared to the issue of our economic debt."

"I don't agree with George's side on women's rights," said Carl Anderson, a Republican panelist.

Anderson said Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli represented tea party Ideas and that "he may have been pushed a little bit extreme" on women's issues. For example, the trans vaginal ultra sound policy put forth by Cuccinelli, said Anderson, "went a little bit too far."

The writers are students at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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