Did the Super Bowl halftime show meet expectations?

By Aleeah Sutton

Bruno Mars hit the stage with '90s band the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Mars had a tough act to follow after Beyonce shut down the stadium, literally, with her half-time performance last winter. The superdome in Louisiana went dark for 35 minutes after her performance, leaving viewers to express themselves on Twitter.

As one of the greatest performers in the world, Beyonce helped bring in a record 111.3 million viewers to the annual football competition, according to ibtimes.com.

During a radio interview last September with radio.com, Mars revealed how he planned to prepare for his performance. Every year, an iconic entertainer is given the opportunity to top the performance of the previous year. Once Mars got the call to do the halftime show, he immediately thought he had to share this moment with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Mars said, "They're just a soulful band, and not just musically, but as people. I sat down with Flea and he's so passionate with music. Even till this day, after doing it for so long he's still passionate about creating music and performing. I want to surround myself with guys like that forever. It's an honor to be sharing the stage with them. They're one of my personal favorite bands of all time. I'm excited for that."

He did tell listeners he was nervous about the weather and low temperatures. Weather channels did call for snow, but Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers managed to give an amazing performance. Some of them were even topless in the 35-degree weather.

Viewers were glued to the TV at Wing Bistro, a chicken and waffles restaurant in Hampton, Va. One spectator yelled, "This is great, but not better than Beyonce."

It's safe to say Bruno Mars did a great job yet we fans will never forget the woman who smashes competition both male and female all hail King Bey, a name a number of fans gave her.

The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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