Inaugural hip-hop conference at Hampton U. campus

By Joseph Bose

On Feb. 12 Hampton University's School of Liberal Arts will be hosting its inaugural hip-hop conference called, "The Art of Hip Hop: Do You Still Love H.E.R.?" This event intends to give clarity to what hip hop truly is, what it stands for and how far it has came.

H.E.R. defined is "hearing every rhyme," a phrase attributed to rap artist Common.

Some of the key speakers that you'll be seeing include hip-hop artist Brandon "Real T@lk" Williams, poet and motivational speaker Karega Bailey, Erica "RivaFlowz" Buddington and WHOV-FM talk show host Wil LaVeist. Brandon "Real Talk" Williams was invited to Andre 3000's home in Atlanta and praised as a "lyrical genius" by the music star for his talent within hip-hop and poetry.

Speaker Karega Bailey of Sacramento, Calif., is a graduate of Hampton University and acquired his Master of Education in Special Education at George Mason University. He said he wants to make education within the inner city youth a priority, particularly in Special Education, with students diagnosed as emotionally disturbed. Hampton University is having this conference to let the community and world know that Hip-Hop is one of the most influential and society changing genres of music in today's world.

All of the speakers will be there for a simple reason: to enlighten the listeners on what not only hip-hop music is, but also what hip-hop culture is.

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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