Valentine’s Day just got a little ‘Grey’

By Joseph Gaither

Love is in the air. Excitement fills many hearts. Dates are planned. Reservations are made. Teddy bears, chocolates and flowers are now on shelves in stores. You are correct; Valentine's Day is coming. However, along with this day of love comes the highly anticipated release of Focus Features' "50 Shades of Grey" directed by Sam-Taylor Johnson. There has been much excitement and buzz about this movie on the Hampton University campus.

When asked about her Valentine weekend plans, sophomore RoNelsha Miguel of Inglewood, Calif. said, "I do plan on going to see the movie. Initially I had no specific plans of who I was going to see it with, but most likely it will be a girl's night out."

The film is based on the best-selling romance novel by E. L. James, so students were asked if they also read the book. Miguel said, "I read the book when it first came out and loved it! I honestly don't think the movie will be anything like the book, but we will see."

Chya Staton, a senior from Upper Marlboro, Md., said, "I am planning to go see it with my boyfriend. We're going as a part of our date night. I read the book and I hope the movie is able to translate the story line extremely well.

"I think the movie will be pretty good, but I'm not sure if the movie can visually replicate some of the events in the book because it is very risqué."

Sophomores Tierra Crudup and Jamiece Hargrove from Upper Marlboro have decided to see the film with some girlfriends. "I didn't have any specific plans, so I'm going to go see it with my friends and make it a girl's night." said Crudup. "My friends and I decided to go see the movie and go to dinner," said Hargrove.

Both women said they did not read the book but learned from others what took place in the book and expect the movie to be risqué and raunchy.

"From what I heard from those who read the book, it had a lot of sex scenes and it was very risqué," said Hargrove.

"I do plan to go see the movie. It will be a girl's night out," said sophomore Kristina Watkins, of Long Island, N.Y. She read the novel in one day and thoroughly enjoyed it: "I don't really think the movie will have the same storyline as the book, but it will still be a good movie."

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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