C-SPAN to interview Hampton U. President William R. Harvey

By Malik Jones

HU President William H. Harvey Hampton University President William R. Harvey will be giving an interview to C-SPAN "Washington Journal" 8:15 a.m. Thursday where he is expected to discuss his views on education and why HBCUs are still relevant in today's ever-changing society.

The televised interview precedes a noon-to 2-p.m. visit of the C-SPAN bus HBCU tour.

Since assuming the position of president in 1978, Harvey has been the flagship force of Hampton University for over 36 years. His dynamic leadership, charisma, and relentless pursuit of progress and growth have earned him numerous accolades throughout his life and made him one of the country's most esteemed university presidents.

In 2010, the Daily Press awarded Harvey its coveted "Citizen of the Year Award" for his work in developing the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute. This facility is working to aid in research and treatment for various cancers, specifically prostate cancer, which is prominent within the Hampton Roads community.

In 2013, Hampton University received a five-year, $13.5-million grant from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities to begin a Minority Men's Health Initiative. This initiative is devoted to finding solutions to major health disparities plaguing minority males, specifically that of African-American men. Only through Harvey's service mentality and propensity to leadership could Hampton have secured such an important grant for such a worthy cause.

Harvey also serves at the pleasure of President Barack Obama as chair of his HBCU Advisory Board. Here, he works closely with other advisors and cabinet members to find solutions to the country's financial aid/student loan crisis.

Under his tenure as president, Harvey has trained 17 individuals who have gone on to become presidents of other universities. His most recent "graduate" was former Hampton Provost Pamela Hammond who is currently the first African-American female president of Virginia State University.

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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sounds like an interesting interview..possible you know where it can be watched or at least the script read??
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