Students enjoy themselves during C-Span Bus Tour visit

By Elexus Freeman-Filmore

Yesterday afternoon, the C-SPAN Bus made its second stop here at Hampton University on its HBCU Bus Tour.

Stepping onto this bus, immediately visitors' senses were engaged, with small television screens along the stairs and everything lit up. On the first half of the bus there were interactive television screens that allowed visitors to take a history quiz of the U.S. government and C-SPAN.

Kyle Avery, a junior journalism major from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said the quiz was "interactive and engaging."

Moving forward through the bus, Media Specialist Steve Devoney stood answering questions and giving details about the bus, saying, "The C-SPAN bus is intended for educational outreach and is used as a production vehicle."

The second half of the bus was well illuminated and set up with a couch and flat-screen television. Earlier that morning, President William R. Harvey was interviewed, and he took calls from around the country, answering questions varying from a possible increase in the Pell Grants, student admission rates, and general praise of HU.

The C-SPAN bus had not been open for more than 30 minutes before students began crowding inside trying to get a "snap" or "selfie" to post on their social media sites. Despite the biting wind, near-freezing cold and peaking sunshine, students were still very eager to get on the bus and learn some information.

Students and faculty of the Scripps Howard School were pleased to see 2014 graduate Mariah Crews as the bus volunteer and Hampton representative. Currently Crews assists in production and is a marketing representative for C-SPAN. After interning with them for four years and working there for six months she says, "I like the bipartisanship of C-SPAN; they do not show one party's view, they give viewers full coverage."

Crews said that "interacting with the students" has been her favorite part of working on the C-SPAN bus. Before walking away from the bus, "The Face of Fox43" real-time news anchor Ty Lorenzo, stood with his camera in hand ready to cover the C-SPAN bus story. Having been invited by Crews, Lorenzo said the bus was a "never before seen, awesome and unique travel studio."

The C-SPAN bus is continuing its tour down the East Coast to visit other top HBCUs. Follow the bus by visiting You can also follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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