Hampton U. fans go many extra miles to support their Pirates

By Jelani Scott

SCOTT DEPOT, W. Va. – Dozens of Hampton University students paid $5 each and packed a chartered bus that at this writing Thursday was on a 9 ½ hour, 638-mile trek to Louisville, Ky. to watch the 16th-seeded Pirates play No. 1 seeded University of Kentucky.

Coach Edward Joyner Jr. was still waiting for Jesus' divine intervention for a chance to beat the beasts of the Midwest regional.

ESPN analysts gave the Pirates a four hundreds of 1 percent shot of beating the 34-0 Wildcats. Nevertheless, Hampton fans are here to support their team. For some travelers, representing the coastal Virginia campus is as big as playing in the NCAA tournament.

Morgan Lewis-Harris, a sophomore history major from Baltimore said, "I decided to come on the trip because I have been working and watching the men's basketball team all season, and it is such a great experience to a part of.

"I would want people to know that this is the best HBCU on the East Coast. There is no place I would rather be."

Erica Davis, 2nd year, 5-year MBA major from Fredericksburg, Va. said, "I decided to come to come on the trip because I used to play ball. I know how it feels to go so far and have those fans cheering you on and motivating you to push and do your best.

"Everyone deserves a support system, and we just so happen to be theirs.

"One thing I would want people to know about HU is that we are one. We are a family and we have each other's backs no matter what we go through."

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The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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