Hampton Pirates set sail, hoping to plunder Potomac rivals

By Amanda Hill

Friday, Sept. 18, Hampton University Pirates will go helmet to helmet with the Howard University Bison for the annual Battle of the Real HU football game. The venue is RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. At 7:30 p.m.

The only question that matters is how are you getting there? "I'm not sure how I'm getting there, said Nick Johnson, a senior finance major from Dallas, "but all I know is I'm going."

Many of the Hampton faithful need to be in attendance as they play in Howard's home. Bison supporters young and old will probably be in support of dismembering Pirate pride.

Many Hampton students from the D.C. area said they will be driving back home, packing up for the Megabus or stuffing into two-door convertibles with more pride than space for the weekend in order to show support. Alexa Hailes, a senior, business management major who prepared for her Friday drive, said, "This is my hometown, but you already know what it is: Hampton all day!"

Meanwhile, the visiting Pirates are getting in the mind set to represent their Home by the Sea. Leon Shorter, a senior sports management major from Fort Pierce, Fla., said that they have played in the Bison stadium before and this is yet another opportunity to go out there show Howard just how real this HU is. "We aren't fazed," said Shorter, "this is what we do, we play and are ready to win."

Blue Thunder and Hampton's Greek will be showing up and out as well. Quenton Jordan, a senior accounting major, from Chicago, said he will be driving his car to D.C. to stroll off with his line brothers representing Alpha Phi Alpha: "My LBs and I have confidence Hampton will rise to the occasion."

Nya Harris, a senior strategic communication major from Washington, D.C., interned this summer with Events D.C. in the marketing and communication department and knows all about the hype of preparing for the game. The sports entertainment division was where Harris applied her public relations skills in handling the Nation's Football Classic accounts. "To get the opportunity to be a part of the chaos, I now understand all the work that goes into something like this," she said. "I am extremely excited to see the turnout."

Student-athlete Shorter encouraged Hampton Nation to pump up the pride enough to fill the 45,000-seat RFK Stadium.

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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