Homecoming heads and licenses to thrill

By Pia Nicholson

Hampton University Homecoming is here and this year it's all about the H to the A to the I to the R. What does that spell? Hair!

From goofy colors, to crazy cuts, to the short pixie do ups and the long dramatic "I came to kill it hair" expect to see it all this year.

With seven days filled with fun, parties and endless memories it seems everyone is gearing up making sure that they get their A game on. From outfits, to knee-high boots to the hairstyles everyone students interviewed said they know if it's anytime that they should pop out completely, it's for homecoming week.

"This year I'm coming to slay," said Melody Kirkland, 19, a freshman, nursing major from Los Angeles. "I ordered my hair two months in advance, I was not going to risk my hair not coming on time. I learned my lesson last year."

Just as many other women's hair is the No. 1 priority for them. If your hair is off everything is off. Just like how you need the perfect icing to top of a cake you need the perfect hair style to top of an outfit.

"My hair is my baby; $475 is what I paid for my bundles, plus to get it installed is another $150," said Kia White, 21, a junior, criminal justice major from New York. "My hair is an investment. I knew I had to get the best if I wanted to look the best. It's that serious."

From the step show, to the fashion show and the Little Uzi concert, students anticipate seeing all sorts of colors and textures of hair during the homecoming showdown.

"I mean, everyone thinks that the girls are the only ones who are going to pop out," said C.J. Morris, 21, music major from Houston, and a Kappa. "But I have a surprise for them. My whole crew will be rocking fades so sharp you might get cut."

Students expect the sororities and fraternities to come out to the parties and shut them down. When it comes to the Delta and the AKA sororities, everything is a competition "This year we are rocking pink and green to every event, function and show, and I'm not talking about our outfits only," said Brianna Bullard, 20, biology major from Chicago. "Our hair will also represent our colors."

* * *

Throughout Homecoming Week at Hampton University, it is an unwritten law among students that they must slay from hair to toe. Meaning, your outfit and shoes could be Vogue worthy. But the Hampton standard of excellence is not met unless your hair is looking fresh out the salon and runway perfect as well.

During the weeks leading up to homecoming, hair is noticeably drab and lifeless as back-to-school styles become stale. However, you can be sure that appointments are set and campus will soon be colorful again with flowing tresses and razor-sharp edge ups.

"I've noticed that a number of girls on campus tend to get their hair done around homecoming and what better time to do so!" said Arie'yana Easterling, (photo above left) a junior, psychology major from Durham, North Carolina.

Bouncing curls, romantic waves, and bone-straight hair are certain to be gracing campus throughout the week. However, females aren't the only ones preparing their hairdos for homecoming.

"Guys want to look presentable. Dudes will get their hair cut equivalent to how females get their weaves done or a beat face," said Mikey Watkins, a sophomore strategic communication major from Newport News, Virginia. "It's our way of prepping for homecoming."

While it seems nearly everyone braces for the big Morgan State-Hampton football game, Hampton's cheerleaders take extra precautions to remain flawless all four quarters.

"First impressions mean everything," said Jzalyn Green, (photo right) a sophomore pre-pharmacy major from Columbia, South Carolina. "I am getting crochet twists because it is a cute, protective style. Knowing that I have to cheer for homecoming, I need a style that is not going to sweat out and last me the whole game." -- Daijiah Steele

Both writers are students in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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