1st time Hampton U. student voters vowed to watch presidential debate

By Sydni McCutchen, Jada George and Donald Huskey

Hampton University students packed two student venues in order to watch first Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump U.S. presidential debate. Public viewing plummeted for debate No. 2, which aired on Oct. 9, the night of the Homecoming week bonfire.

Before Wednesday's third and final debate, campus reporters asked six students,
a.] did they plan to watch, and
b.] did they intend to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8:

"Probably not," said Kalijah Stokes, a sophomore, sports management major from Brooklyn, New York. "I watched the first one. It will be a repeat of the same petty going back and forth"

"Yes," Stoked intended to vote: "I registered to vote with the people walking around campus."

"I have to [vote]," said Diamond Broughton, a sophomore, journalism major from Newport News. "It's my first time voting so I'm kind of excited, although I have no choice but to choose Hillary [Clinton].

"Yeah, I'm going home to vote. I don't trust absentee ballots"

Natalie Jennings, a sophomore political science major from Maryland, said, "Yes I will most definitely be watching the debate tonight. I am going to be in my apartment and I am inviting some friends over.

"Yes I will be voting!"

Amber Smith, a sophomore journalism and communications major, from Maryland, said, "No, I will not be watching the debate tonight because I have practice for a modeling troupe. I am sure I will see important and memorable pieces and clips on social media though."

"I will be voting, especially because it will be my first time!"

Samuel Gavin, a business management major from Herndon Virginia, said he did not plan to watch Wednesday's third and final presidential debate, however, "Yes, of course," when asked if he planned to vote Nov. 8.

Where? "In Hampton, Virginia. My hometown is too far away."

Charles Bert, a business management major from Grand Rapids, Michigan, said "No, I don't care to watch the debate," but he said "yes" to voting from Hampton, Virginia.

The writers are students in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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