Unpleasant yet urgent need to vote, Hampton U. students say

By Maya McCombs and Camryn Staton

The U.S. Presidential election is now a little more than one week away.

Before the third and final Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump debate Oct. 19, students on the Hampton University campus were asked: A] Did they plan to watch, and B] did they intend to vote Tuesday, Nov. 8. Here's what they said:

"At this point electing someone is just picking the lesser of two evils," said Masuud Washington, a biology pre-med major from East Orange, New Jersey. "But I also believe if you don't vote you lose the privilege to complain about whoever's elected."

Aris Fulton, a communicative science major from Charlotte, North Carolina said, "Yes I'm voting, but I'm not happy about it. But it's not just about the presidential election. The governor in North Carolina, Pat McCrory, has to go."

"I registered to vote in Virginia," said Joshua Waldrum, a strategic communication major from Mount Airy, Maryland. "Even though I don't really like either candidate, I'm still voting.

"I live streamed every debate on my laptop and I watch them with my friends."

Regina Smith, 19, a psychology pre-med major from Tennessee, said she has not been keeping up with the debates because "she doesn't want to waste valuable time listening to a buffoon."

However, Ayzia Winfrey, 19, a speech pathology major, said she will be completing her Pennsylvania absentee ballot as she watches the debate: "I've watched each and every debate and I refuse to let him [Trump] become president. He doesn't take his job seriously and you can tell."

The writers are students in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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