Hampton U. students sigh in relief after VP debate

By Chelsea Harrison

Some Hampton University students say they are gaining more confidence after last night's Vice Presidential Debate. With last week's Presidential Debate leaving Hillary Clinton supporters uneasy, HU students say Tim Kaine helped calm their nerves.

"Senator Kaine really hit certain issues on the head," said Diamond Perry, a biology major from Charlotte, North Carolina, "ones I think Hillary was too scared to address."

Kaine, the Virginia Democrat, and Republican Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, disputed issues on immigration, police enforcement, and international affairs just as their running mates did. There was also discussion on both sides of rumors of scandal and tax evasion.

Several students gathered at the Democratic Coordination Office on the edge of the Hampton U. campus to watch the televised debate from Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

Deja Rivers, a kinesiology major from Philadelphia, was enthusiastic throughout the entire debate. "Kaine really stumped him [Pence] when he talked about 'stop-and-frisk'. It just polarizes the relationship between the community and police," she said. "If they don't trust the way I look, I don't trust them either."

Coordinators at the Democratic Coordination Office are prohibited from speaking about the election, but by judging the look on their faces, they seemed pleased at Kaine's efforts as well.

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. Tweet observations about the VP debate at #hu2vote.

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