Hampton U. millennials focused on legacy at election watch party

By DeAndrea Chavis

Hampton University Student Government Association and six other organizations hosted an election watch night party 7 to 11 p.m. Tuesday in the Student Center ballroom.

As the votes came in over the large flat screen TV students cheered if results went the way they wanted; others booed if results were the opposite. The majority of the 500 students present were supporting the Democratic Party so the tension in the room was thick when the first few red GOP states were called winners. [Overnight, Republican Donald Trump won based on the Electoral College tally. Clinton lost yet by Wednesday morning led in the popular vote].

To keep everyone excited and busy while waiting for the results there were games to play and a photo booth to take pictures. These games included spades, pin the policy on Hillary Clinton and pin the hair of Donald Trump.

Although this was a fun and energetic event, conversations among students were very serious. Students talked amongst each other about what they expected to happen during this nail biting election.

"My thought going into the watch party is that I am very apprehensive about the results that are soon to come. I pray that Trump doesn't become president and Hillary can deliver and handle the position appropriately," said Khaci Lewis, sophomore psychology major from Prince George's County, Maryland.

This generation of voters realize that this election is very important and will affect them greatly.

"My thoughts going into this watch party consisted of constant prayer," said Victoria Daniels, a sophomore journalism major from Raleigh, North Carolina. "I hope that people went to the polls today and voted for the smarter choice in this presidential election, because the next president's policies will have a huge effect on our generation."

Many Hampton U. students were first-time voters, and had grown up in middle and elementary schools with President Barack Obama. "I expect our next president to appropriately serve America keeping all citizens in mind," said Daniels. "I would like to see equal rights for minorities, women, and the LGBT community. I hope the White House remains scandal-free and our president does what they say they will do."

Other students' main concern was whether Obamas legacy will be respected.

"I expect the next president to not be as great as Obama honestly," said Lewis, "but I do believe that the next president should try to do everything in their power to make strides in an effort to continue Obama's legacy."

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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Photos by Daijiah Steele, Scripps Howard School of JAC
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