Hampton U. students cruise on Election Day shuttle

By Tai Belford

HAMPTON, Virginia – Hampton University makes sure their students didn't have any excuse to not be a part of this year's 2016 presidential election.

Tuesday morning Hampton University students rushed to the polls at Phoebus High School on behalf of Hampton University's Election Day shuttle. The university provided an all-day bus shuttle that transported students to the polls and returned to campus for drop-off. This gave students who may not have a way around a chance to vote in this year's historic presidential election.

When the shuttle arrived at 12:30 p.m. for departure to the polls, most of the students were females. The line for the shuttle was down the street full of young HU voters and when the bus arrived, many were left behind due to overcapacity.

Freshmen Nyla Green and Taylor Harvey told a Daily Press reporter that their desire to vote was instilled at an early age by their mothers. Both are African-American, and they know that their fore bearers fought for that right.

"I'm missing class right now. However, it is more important to cast my vote than to attend class at this moment," said Andre Martin, a junior art major.

When the bus arrived at Phoebus High School, many Hampton students were waiting. Some arrived by personal transportation, but most were waiting for their return shuttle back to campus outside of the school.

Donald Trump campaign signs around the school grounds were vandalized, while Hillary Clinton's signs remained untouched. Inside the polling station, the lines were very short and the voting process took no longer than the wait in line.

Senior citizens from Sinclair Commons Senior Living Community were also in attendance to cast their votes.

"I love to see that our young black generation is exercising their right to vote," said senior citizen Ethelda Scott. "Every vote counts."

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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