What men really expect for Valentine’s Day

By Nya Harris

It's that time of the year again. The uncontrollable manifestation of red, pink and white, hearts, chocolates, and roses will make you either "feel the love," or make you sick to your stomach.

Either way, these feelings typically come from just one group of people. That's right, the ladies. But what do men truly think about Valentine's Day? What does Valentine's Day mean to them? Obviously, your oh-so-charming male companion doesn't expect roses, balloons or chocolate. So, what does he expect?

"Valentine's Day is strictly for women," said Twarn Mixson, a senior, wide receiver for the Hampton University Pirates football team. "It is a holiday that gives women the opportunity to be lavished with gifts and candy. I do not believe men should expect anything from their significant other, because men should not be into receiving gifts. The best gift is to see your significant other happy, and to make sure she feels special."

Mixson has been in a relationship with his Hampton University sweetheart for over a year, and will be celebrating Valentine's Day for the first time. "I do not expect her (his girlfriend) to give me a gift for Valentine's Day," Mixson said. "If she does, I honestly will insist that she takes it back."

On the contrary, some men do anticipate something for Valentine's Day. Jervon Presley, a senior, Hampton Pirate basketball player explained although he does not want a "material" gift from his significant other, he does expect to be pampered. "I will give my girlfriend a gift," Presley said, "But I believe that my girlfriend should have something up her sleeve as well. It would not be fair to say that Valentine's Day is just for one person, or one group of people. I believe Valentine's Day is about giving something special for men and women, so I am expecting a surprise."

Presley has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for over three years. He said that he always gives her flowers, a card, clothes, and takes her out to a nice restaurant. He said that his girlfriend always has a surprise for him as well. "Last year my girlfriend wrote me a letter explaining how special I was to her," said Presley. "Even though it was not a gift, I still really appreciated that surprise."

There are a few interesting things we can take away from this: One, many men do not generally expect material gifts on Valentine's Day. Two, ladies, some men would not mind if you take the time out to do something special for your significant other. And finally, men and women agree on the fact the Valentine's Day is a special way to show your love and appreciation.

No matter how you may choose to spend your day of romance, it is imperative to remember that gifts to not prove your love or appreciation. Try doing something memorable for your significant other, and fellas, if you are the type of guy that likes gifts and surprises, be sure to communicate that.

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

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