Gamal Codner Tells Hampton Students how to be Successful Entrepreneurs

By Olivia Johnson

Hampton, VA--Entrepreneurial skills and networking are vital to today's students, a self-made millionaire and life coach told Hampton University students Friday. Gamal Codner, who flipped three start-up companies into a six-figure income, told students how to do what he did.

"Failing is good; if you never failed before, you won't know what not to do," said Codner, a Florida State alumnus.

Codner became an entrepreneur in college when he created a website similar to Instagram and Facebook where students could post and comment on the site about parties in the area. The website became so popular that major companies such as McDonalds began to ask Codner for his help.

After missing out on an opportunity to sign a contract with Gatorade to further expand his business, Codner began social media marketing his own businesses and businesses he contracted with. In his first month he made $107,000.

"You don't have to be the best; you just have to be different," Codner told the engaged students, who were jumping at the opportunity to ask questions.

Like the students, Codner is a young African American who wants to be an independent business man. Growing up poor, he never imagined the positions he would attain.

Now, Codner wants to give back to his community by creating a scholarship fund for young black students looking to start a business. An application form is available on his website,

Brains aren't everything when it comes to success in business, Codner said.

"Some of the richest people I know are dumb," Codner said. "It's average people who are rich, normal, every day people. You have to maximize on every opportunity."

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