Passion and Diligence are Keys to Success

By Asia Rollins

HAMPTON, VA - A CBS News National Correspondent must deliver deliver accurate, meaningful news to gain the trust of viewers. For a black woman, the journey to being in front of the camera is very hard work.

Jericka Duncan told students at Hampton University on April 12 that her ability to effortlessly deliver news may look easy, but it requires a combination of passion and diligence, especially when life gets hard.

Duncan was the keynote speaker for The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) 2019 Region 1 Conference at Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.

"When you find your passion you don't really look at it as a job," said the CBS News correspondent. "You want to get up in the morning."

Duncan's struggle and desire to be a face of representation for other African Americans inspire her, she said. Being in that role pushes her to do her best every day.

"You have to be focused and not let little things get in the way of what you desire," Duncan said.

Duncan's style of delivering news has allowed her to make a name for herself. While reporting, she likes to keep things simple. Duncan believes that truth, accuracy and multiple perspectives are keys to a great story.

Her ability to serve as a role model to younger aspiring students encouraged students at Hampton.

"One of the most inspirational things that Jericka said was being in the place and leading by example," said student Jordan Carter.

Duncan told students it is important for people of color to be represented in the newsroom and attain positions of power.

"There aren't many African- American journalists on the forefront of broadcast," said student Jaylen Harris. "There needs to be a change and I hope to do that in the future."

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