Franchise Story Development Intern (Remote), Lucasfilm - Summer 2021

Job Description

The Franchise Content & Strategy team oversees the overall content & narrative creative strategy across the Franchise platforms, as well as the associated development and management of story & continuity across animation, games, publishing, consumer products, online, and interactive experiences, developing transmedia narratives as well. The group also liaises with the live-action development team to stay on top of what other stories are in the works, and helps collate and translate the information for broader consumption across the Franchise teams, which also extends to Marketing & PR.

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Within the Franchise Content & Strategy team responsibilities may include: Going deep into other Franchises and how they are generating more content nowadays, and crafting associated case-studies. Staying on top of current in-market Franchise talent across Animation, Publishing, Video Games, VR, and beyond - tracking interesting talent and writing up descriptions. Helping members of our Continuity quartet track data from scripts, manuscripts, outlines, game design documents, and more. This internship is a great introduction to the world of story development and franchise management, and interns will have an invaluable opportunity to interact with execs in our department on future and active projects across various media.

Basic Qualifications

Excellent verbal and written communication skills required. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively interact with diverse personalities. Strong time management skills; Ability to multi-task and prioritize. Proven ability to work autonomously and in team settings with a positive, pro-active attitude. The ability to uphold a professional level of secrecy given the sensitivity of many projects the team works on. Strong researching skills are a plus, with the ability to clearly and concisely share your findings.

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred candidates will have an interest in content development, transmedia creation, franchise management, and demonstrate a creative sensibility.

A strong knowledge and appreciation of the Star Wars galaxy, including the films, animated series, games, and books, is preferred.

Strong writing, fact-checking and proofreading skills are ideal.

Additional Information

Program Eligibility Must be enrolled in a college/university taking at least one class in the semester/quarter (spring/fall) prior to participation in the internship program OR currently participating in a Disney College Program or Disney Professional Internship OR have graduated from a college/university within the past 6 months Must be at least 18 years of age Must not have completed one year of continual employment on a Disney internship or program. Must possess unrestricted work authorization Internship Dates: May/June – August/September

Location: This is a remote internship. The internship requires a working, reliable internet connection as well as a quiet, dedicated work space.

CONVERSION OPPORTUNITY There is no guarantee to become full-time or contract employee following the internship

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